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Point of WindMaster Variable size pot supports master the wind Strong flame is maintaind

Go ahead, climb that mountain, fire up the WindMaster, melt the ice, and produce a soothing cup of hot coffee in about 4 minutes at -5°C. When your outdoor adventures demand ultimate performance of both individual and gear, choose SOTO, sparked by nature.

Professional guides and extreme weather mountain climbers speak out about the SOTO products they use when climbing:

"It’s good to know that the WindMaster will function under such severe conditions."
---Shinji Tamura, mountain guide

"I feel that SOTO reminds me of the story of Sony launching the Walkman. It’s very hard for me to imagine a better product. SOTO keeps on presenting very practical solutions in both form and function."
---Tormod Granheim, extreme skiing and climbing

"After my first test on a High Altitude expedition, I realized that this stove was going to be—and still is to this day—my ‘go-to-in-case-of-emergency-on-route’ stove, as well as my regular personal and working trips stove where fast and light are desired."
---Richard Hernan Riquelme, mountain guide

"The WindMaster is compact, lightweight, and easy to use, requiring practically no maintenance. It has also proved to be robust and reliable."
---Russell Brice, mountain guide specializing in 8,000+m peaks

Variable size pot supports

Choose the pot support that best meets your need. Simply replace the pot support depending on the need. Easily replace the pot supports. No tools required.
- TriFlex (3-prong pot support) is included with the WindMaster.
- 4Flex (4-prong pot support) is sold separately.

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Change pot support WindMaster / OD-1RX 4Flex / OD-1RX4

Designed to master the wind

Beat the clouds! Meticulously engineered and crafted, SOTO’s new WindMaster out-performs its competitors under windy conditions. On a stormy, blustery day, the WindMaster is able to maintain a strong flame. Tired. Cold. Hungry. Wind is blowing 3m/sec. No worries with the WindMaster! Hot dinner coming right up. Designed to position pot close to the flame—nearly impossible for the wind to penetrate this stove’s flame. Be confident, a warm dinner is just minutes away.

Wind Direction Wind Direction

Why is the WindMaster superior under windy conditions?

  • Restricted space between base of pot and burner head.
  • Ledge around burner head designed to act as a windshield.
  • Precisely engineered concave burner head protects flame from the wind.

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Conserve Fuel! WindMaster boils water in less time, conserving fuel



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A strong flame is maintained up to -5°C (23°F)!

Continuous output under colder weather!

With installation of the micro regulator, the WindMaster is able to maintain a consistent output when challenging the limits in this category of stoves.

The WindMaster offers a wide range of flame control options

Compared with traditional needle-valve system stoves, the WindMaster with micro regulator offers a wide range of flame control options.

Boiling time for 1 liter of water under various ambient temperatures

Graf / Boiling time

  • ●The WindMaster offers the same boiling time in an ambient temperature range of 20°C (68°F) to -5°C (23°F).
  • ●The WindMaster takes up to half the time of other needle valve systems to boil a pot of water under -5°C (23°F).

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About Micro Regulator System

▼Micro Regulator System
flow of gas

Traditional needle-valve systems control the flow of gas by twisting the needlepoint to adjust the flow of fuel. When temperatures drop and liquefied gas becomes colder, internal pressure drops, resulting in a reduced flow of gas into the burner head. This produces an inadequate flame for cooking. The Micro Regulator System maintains a consistent pressure under cold and hot ambient temperatures.

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▼Niedle-Valve System
flow of gas