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Политика безопасностии

Политика безопасности

In recognition of the importance of personal information and in order to protect personal information fully and obtain the trust of its customers, SOTO USA, INC. ("the Company") hereby promises to observe laws in relation to personal information and to adhere to the following Privacy Policy.

Collection of Personal Information
In order to provide a better service to our customers, the Company collects personal information from customers to the extent necessary to provide certain digital content, carry out survey questionnaires or provide e-mail delivery services etc.
Management and Protection of Personal Information
When managing customers' personal information the Company will appoint a managing supervisor to carry out proper management and work hard to prevent any external leaks of personal information. The Company will also work to protect customer's personal information by implementing safety measures at an appropriate and rational level to deal with the risk of improper access from external parties, or the loss, damage or falsification of personal information. The Company will restrict access to databases etc. related to personal information to persons with access rights and carry out strict management to prevent improper use also within the Company. In order to provide a better service to our customers, the Company sometimes outsources the handling of personal information. In such cases, the Company will select a group company or a party deemed to handle personal information in a proper manner ("the Consigned Party"), prescribe matters in an outsourcing contract or other document as necessary to prevent leaks of customers' personal information, including the stipulation of management, confidentiality and the prohibition of passing on etc. of personal information, and implement proper management of the Consigned Party.
Use of Personal Information
In addition to the specified collection purpose, personal information collected by the Company from customers may be used to inform customers about products and events. When a customer provides the Company with his or her personal information, he or she may be contacted by the Company or a Consigned Party via e-mail or other methods with information we believe may be of interest to the customer. If a customer does not want such information to be delivered, he or she can inform the Company or Consigned Party to this effect and the delivery of information will be stopped.
Provision of Personal Information
The Company will not disclose or provide customers' personal information to a third party other than a Consigned Party without the agreement of the customer himself or herself. However, when a disclosure is demanded under law or by a public body such as a court or the police, customers' personal information may be disclosed without the agreement of the customer himself or herself.
Disclosure and Revision of Personal Information
When the Company receives a request from a customer to revise or delete personal information related the customer himself or herself, the Company will revise or delete the relevant information accordingly.
Preparation of Company Systems
The Company will work hard under this Privacy Policy to fully understand the importance of protecting personal information, to prepare internal rules and to protect personal information.
Please contact us at info@sotooutdoors.com for inquiries related to customers' personal information.