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We are most impressed!!<Dave King>

Just a quick note to inform you that we just used your MUKA stove (OD-1NP) at -40 below! We are most impressed!! We gave the stove a good fair -40 below C trial and it worked remarkably well. Will send you the images and comments etc. asap and meantime will put it to work and see if we can fault find or destroy it!!! 
Be in touch soon!!

Dave King--- Dave has been operating a Guide Service (PolarQuest Expeditions) for the past 27 years in Alaska prior to moving to his current base in Lappland North Sweden. He maintains a kennel of 40 Sleddogs and runs an expedition guiding & outfitting business in Norway & Spitzbergen.
  His web site: http://www.polarquest.pro/ Sleddog & Dave King

Dave & Muka Stove