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Release in 2017
Cook Set

Product #: SOD-500

SOTO’s new ultra-hard anodized aluminum cook set excels in shock resistance, wearability and corrosiveness compared to conventional sulfuric anodized pot.

Ultra-hard anodization: long lasting and non-corrosive
Ultra-hard anodization strengthens pot surfaces and prevents corrosion.
Ultra-hard anodization means:
-rust resistant
-durable surface

Navi Duo Handle
The inner spring keeps handles open so they can function as tongs.

Keeps hot food hot!
Navigator System’s 6*Kozy keeps food hot 6 times longer than a traditional pot.
Slip hand in adjustable belt under 6*Kozy to secure pot.

Navigator Multi-functional Lid
Convers to:
-Cutting board
-Fuel canister stabilizer

Designed for easy cleaning!
The wide rim makes clean-up easy.

Slip resistant!
Navigator Cook Set’s non-slip base on pot.

Large/Small Pots:
5000 series aluminum
Large/Small Multi-functional lids:
Navi Thermal Disc:
Aluminum (interior), Nylon (exterior)
Navi Duo Handle (Tongs/Handle): Aluminum
Cook Set Stow Bag: Nylon
Multi-purpose Duo Handle Stow Bag:
80% Polyester 20% Nylon

Large/Small Pots:
5.5 oz / 4 oz (155 g / 114 g)
Large/Small Multi-functional lids:
5 oz/3 oz (142 g/71 g)
6*Kozy: 2 oz (43 g)
Navi Duo Handle (Tongs/Handle):
1.3 oz (38 g)
Cooker Set Stow Bag: 1.2 oz (34 g)
When stowed: 21.5 oz (608 g)

Large/Small Pots:
61 oz/44 oz (1.8 L/1.3 L)

Large/Small Pots:
OD 7.5 x H 3.1 in (OD 19 x 7.8 cm)/
OD 6.3 x H 2.9 in (OD 16 x 7.3 cm)
Large/Small Multi-functional lids:
OD 7.1 x H 1.4 in (OD 17.9 x 3.5 cm)/
OD 5.9 x H 0.6 in (OD 14.9 x 1.3 cm)
Navi Duo Handle (Tongs/Handle):
H 2.1 x W 4.9 x D 1.0 in
(H 5.2 x W 12.3 x D 2.4 cm)
When stowed:
OD 7.5 x H 4.1 in
(OD 19.0 x H 10.5 cm)
The specs may change without prior notice.