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Шлифовочные пасты (watersoluble)

Шлифовочные пасты Standard (watersoluble)


For grinding valves, fittings, taps, bearings, nozzles and other parts in steel, iron, cast iron, non-ferrous metals as well as plastic and stoneware. Dilutable and removable with water.

PackagingContentGrain SizeArt.-No.
Can220 mlNr. 1 (very coarse)10111
Can100 mlNr. 1 (very coarse)10121
Can220 mlNr. 2 (coarse*)10112
Can100 mlNr. 2 (coarse*)10122
Can220 mlNr. F (medium)10113
Can100 mlNr. F (medium)10123
Can220 mlNr. FF (fine**)10114
Can100 mlNr. FF (fine**)10124
Can220 mlNr. FFF (very fine***)10115
Can100 mlNr. FFF (very fine***)10125
Can220 mlNr. FFFF (super fine***)10116
Can100 mlNr. FFFF (super fine***)10126

Operating instruction

* for pregrinding valves
** for finishing valves
*** also for soft metals